Traditional Spanish Wines

Cellarmasters is the union between three family-run wineries, Hnos. del Villar, Otero and Rejadorada, with one goal: to offer a special selection of their wines, covering four appellations or D.O.’s around the River Duero.



The three families that make up Cellarmasters first joined forces in 2002, creating a joint project that has boosted exports and ensured that clients the world over can easily and readily get hold of a wide range of Spanish wines from the D.O.’s of Rueda, Ribera del Duero, Toro as well as the Protected D.O. of Valles de Benavente.




D.O. Rueda and D.O. Ribera del Duero

We make wine at Bodegas Hermanos del Villar. And we know what we’re doing. By selecting the perfect location for our vines and focusing on extraction without any modifications, we manage to reveal all the character and potential of both the grapes and the soil, creating elegant, balanced wines of the highest quality and typicity, using Verdejo (D.O. Rueda) and Tempranillo (D.O. Ribera del Duero).




Oro de Castilla Verdejo verdejo

Intense aromas of White fruits (pear, banana), citrus fruits (grapefruit), fresh grass with balsamic and mineral hints. Voluminous with persistence. Fresh and well integrated acidity. Bitter and aniseed finish. Fullness and freshness sensations combined with persistence. Fruit and mineral notes and great balance.


Oro de Castilla Sauvignon Blanc

Intense aromas of flowers, passion fruit, lychee, boxwood, balsamics, pepper, citrus and minerals. Voluminous with persistence. Fresh and well integrated acidity on the palate. Long aftertaste with mineral hints. Fullness and freshness sensations combined with persistence.


Oro de Castilla Finca los Hornos

Intense aromas of bone fruits (peach), soft touch of wood, citrus fruits (grapefruit), fresh grass with balsamic, mineral and peat hints at the end. Round and elegant. Fresh and well integrated acidity. Long aftertaste with aniseed notes. Fullness and freshness sensations combined with persistence. Mineral notes and great balance.


Oro de Castilla Crianza

Intense aromas of black fruits (blackberry, plum, blueberry), fresh spices and ink. Light toast flavours and hints of peat. Voluminous with persistence. Fruity, fresh and well integrated acidity. Ripe and bold tannins with minerality. Memories of charcoal and ink.

Captura 001

Gaudeamus Roble gaudemus

Intense fruit aromas (blackberry, blueberry) combined with a soft touch of wood and caramel. Black ink and minerals. Voluminous with persistence. Fresh and well integrated acidity. Fruit and wood aftertaste with refined tannins and great balance. Elegant presence of mineral and pencil graphite.



D.O.P. Valles de Benavente

Applying the skills afforded by a century-old family tradition, tenacity, and devotion to our land, at Bodegas Otero we produce whites, rosés and reds, both young and also crianza and reserva wines, using our own grapes as well as those from growers in the Valles de Benavente, especially the local variety of Prieto Picudo.




Valle Oscuro Verdejo verdejo

Aromas of green apple, fresh herbs and pineapple with citrus hints. Tasty on the palate with a good fruit expression. Elegant with a slight bitter finish characteristic of the Verdejo variety.


Valle Oscuro Rosé Tempranillo

Very pale pink colour with blue glints. Fresh and clean aromas with predominance of red fruits such as strawberry, with light hints of pear and peach. Light, fresh and very soft on the palate. Its light hint of carbonic, distinctive of this production area, together with its nicely integrated acidity leads to a round and balanced wine.


Valle Oscuro Prieto Picudo prieto

Lively raspberry colour. Intense and clean aromas of red fruits, with predominance of strawberry and light hints of peach and blue flowers. On the palate is fresh, fleshy with pleasant notes of blue candies. Its light hint of carbonic, very characteristic of the Prieto Picudo variety, together with its nicely integrated acidity leads to a round and balanced wine.


Otero Crianza 2012

Deep red colour with violet glints. Characteristic aromas of the Prieto Picudo variety, blue flowers and wild fruits combined with sweet toasts, vanilla and spicy hints. Sweet tannins, ripe fruit with mineral and liquorice notes.


Otero Reserva 2008

Dark cherry red with garnet glints. Deep aroma rich in dark fruits well balanced with oak and spices. Smooth palate, but with good acidity, delicate spicy and balsamic notes. Tannins are very well integrated with fruit.



D.O. Toro

At Rejadorada we combine traditional winemaking with new oenological techniques and take care, right down to the very last detail, of every part of the process to produce complex, fine and harmonious wines. The result is a highly versatile collection of unique Toro wines with a distinctive character, made with passion and the variety that has its own D.O., Tinta de Toro.



01- Rejadorada Roble 2020

Rejadorada roble

Perfect balance between wild fruit and wood allows enjoying the typical varietal intensity of the Tinta de Toro, joined to the sweet and spicy aromas of the oak barrels.

02- Novellum Crianza

Novellum novellum

Powerful wine, consequence of the complex blend of different types of oak and toasts that accompany and enhance the varietal notes of blackberry fruits, resulting in a harmonious wine with great aromatic balance and a long finish.

03- Antona Garcia

Antona Garcia

Delicate and powerful, a new version of the Tinta de Toro grape. A result of the history and the passion for wine with oenological innovation, Antona García is balsamic, floral, unique and determined.

04- Sango de Rejadorada


Careful selection of plots and oak barrels makes Sango take a step further the characteristic notes of the Tinta de Toro. Intensity, personality and minerality all come together in each bottle.

05- Bravo de Rejadorada


Full-bodied with hints of spice and liquorice coming through. The strength and bravery of the Tinta de Toro tamed to perfection in selected barrels of extra fine grain: Tradition and typicity in every glass of wine.

06- Aier


Aier arises from the idea of taking the concept of “varietal respect” and “minerality” to another level. We seek the maximum expression of Tinta de Toro by making it evolve through the oxygen that passes through the walls of the stoneware, but without any contact with wood, so that what we obtain is exclusively what the vineyard itself provides.



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